Digital Content Creation Package

Looking for a cost-effective way of marketing? Our Social Media Video Packages are short, easy, and quick – perfect for any budget or product! 

Join the revolution of keeping your social media marketing consistent with this easy package. You decide the platform you want to work with while we give you short videos weekly, that are edited and published quickly. Get started today and stop sending out information late to your viewers and get more likes!

Easy way to get a weekly video out on the popular social media platform of your choice. We provide professional editing and music license-free music so you stay compliant with copyright laws. Choose from different packages depending on how many videos need to be done per week and what’s included in that package.

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A case study for consistent video creation

Willunga Farmers Market

“The Branded Story has been a really effective way for the Willunga Farmer's Market to get a message out to our customers. For video to work as part of our marketing budget and our marketing plan, it had to be an efficient workflow and had to be affordable. Quick turnaround and getting that efficient rollout of a regular program of video. If part of your marketing plan is a consistent video program, with someone that is easy to work with and very affordable, The Branded Story, you won't be disappointed”
Jenni Mitton
Willunga Farmers Market​
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Having us create your content is perfect for the business that knows they absolutely must start creating video. Together we set a strategy, we film and edit the video and you use it to build an audience on your social media channels Video content which markets your business online, needs to tell your story in an engaging, succinct way. Businesses which have run successful video campaigns have been consistent with their content creation by staying in touch with their followers, delivering their message to a schedule and touching their followers regularly, to convert them to customers. Best practice is to release at least one video a week to social media channels, wether it is Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin or wherever you platform your strategy has been set.
Did you know?
The average YouTuber has to create 152 videos to reach 10,000 subscribers