When is it time to start live video?

When is it time to start live video?

Is live video worth the hassle?

Here are some reasons to go live. “Interaction” is number one with a bullet because the connection and power live viewers feel when they can comment, receive an answer and acknowledgement from their favourite brand is immeasurable.

Social platforms love it. The algorithm on Facebook loves live streams. The reason is it encourages people to stay on their platform longer, so your feed will get shown to more people that follow your page, instead of a percentage seeing it like sometimes with your regular posts. 

It lives for ever. If not many people tune in for your first few live streams, no matter, they live forever on the platform. Followers can watch the replay anytime they want. They can see the comments as they came in from the live broadcast. 

It doesn’t need to be perfect. Sure, don’t be boring. Be organised and have some structure, but an audience will forgive you if things are a little clunky. When they are organic and there is a few glitches, the audience know you are going live and you are not a professional. They forgive the few small errors and engage anyway. 

The landscape has permanently changed

Businesses and brands have seen travel shut down and have navigated around it with live video and meetings. What they realised is that there hasn’t been much of a drop in sales (if any) because of lack of live events and meetings to show off their products. Big brands like Birchbox are now working live video broadcasts into their permanent sales strategy. 

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