How to set up Green Screen for Video

How to set up Green Screen for Video

Why do you need green screen?

You see a lot of videos on Facebook and Linkedin from a messy office, with bad lighting and junk on the desk. Quite often the room is noisy with other workers in the background. This just doesn’t show your business in the best light. Is this the way you want your brand represented? To fix this problem, set up a green screen somewhere in a quiet location in the office or at home. This way you can remove the green from the background in editing software and put any virtual room you like behind you. This is a process called “keying out” or “Chroma key”. When this is done properly, most people will think this is actually your office.

Why lighting is so important.

First and foremost a long room is best, so you can stand away from the green screen. The closer you stand to the green wall, the more shadows you will have and then your will need to have more powerful lights on the green wall. The green surface, wether you paint it with Chroma Key green or it is a temporary material backdrop on a stand, needs to have lights shone directly on it. When a computer keys out the green, the objective is to have only one, evenly lit, shade of green to remove from the scene.

Man in front of green screen wall in a studio, explaining what the surface needs to look like
Man demonstrates even lighting front of green screen studio wall

If there a shadows or uneven lighting, there are several shades of the green that the computer has to identify and remove so you need a more powerful computer or footage will start to show flaws.

What equipment do you need?

If painting your wall with Chroma Key green paint is not possible. You could buy a stand with green material and a lightening kit. If you are good a learning editing programs, Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premier are the most commonly used editing programs. For smartphone editing, there are apps like Screenflow 9 (iOS) and Viva cut pro (Android).

Portable green screen kit with lights and stands
Green Screen kit with lights and stands

Hiring a professional studio

The number one reason why you would hire a studio is time. Everything is setup at a studio, you just have to walk in and film. The microphone, lighting, changing room and teleprompter are all there. Provided you have sent your script ahead of time, you can walk in, record your content, grab the SD card with your files on and go. The only barrier to this if you have a long drive to the studio. Deciding to stay in your office, with a studio setup in a quiet place, is great, but if you don’t and have to setup in a busy area, the time you waste, setting up the stand, the lights, the microphone, waiting for quiet, tidying up, sometimes takes longer than driving to a studio.

If your strategy for the future is to create consistent content about your business, green screen may be the way to go. If you want to walk in and walk out a studio with a green screen may be just the time saver you need. Contact a place like CR3 to book some studio time.

This video explains in detail what you need to do to get started with green screen.

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