Video DOES NOT do this for your business

Video DOES NOT do this for your business

Video is not a miracle cure.

Is the CEO is all over you to get some video done for your business? You have 10k to put towards the video content, but the video has to make a major impact on your business. I am here to tell you that a video will fulfil one or two of your needs, but I won’t do a lot of things.

Here is a list of things that video will not do for your business. 

It won’t create instant brand awareness

It is virtually impossible to measure without enlisting a metrics company to do a survey. The cost of this is prohibitive. If you are a major brand like coca cola, you can measure how you are compare amongst the other cola’s on the market. You can set out to get brand awareness on social media. Take facebook, for instance. Judging the post by view can be confusing. Its easy to get excited and because your video just got 4000 views. Thats great brand awareness right? Whats a view? Watching 100% of the video? 3 seconds, 6 seconds? No one really knows. You boost the post, get more views, how do you actually quantify the results. 

Does not give you a sale right now

Having a video on social media or YouTube with a sales funnel that provides leads and sales can be done, but its expensive. Sales funnels are convoluted. Some with up to 10 stages. There is a lot to tweak and adjust to make sure that you are getting the most from you budgeting dollar. Setting up a successful sales funnel with video take time to setup and do not produce results instantly.

Give you millions of views, just because you create it

Businesses have created good video, that they are proud of, that tells the story of their business and shows what they really are all about. Just because you made it, and it’s good, does not mean that anyone will see it. On Facebook, the video will live for 24 hours at best before it is lost in the feed. Also the algorithm on Facebook will pick up that its a business and show it to virtually no one. Plopping it in the upper third of your website adds to the look of the site, but what if no one visits your site? Putting it on YouTube won’t help unless you have a channel with lots of subscribers and engaged views to get it put in their feed. Vimeo is a good platform, but unless you send the vimeo link out in an email campaign, a vimeo clip is virtually undiscoverable. 

Creating a great video is the easy part. Getting people to see it is the real magic.

To get video to really work for you, you have to reverse engineer it. Start with your objectives and work backwards, at the end you will know what your video is going to be and where it is going to live and where it get eyeballs. 

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